Nathan Caton to launch Southend Comedy Festival.  


The grand launch night of the 4th annual Rossi Ice Cream Southend Comedy Festival kicks off in style at stunning hidden gem that is The Clifftown Theatre, Southend. 
Featuring the inimitable award winning comedian; Nathan Caton (Live At The Apollo, Russell Howard’s Good News, Mock The Week), Sunday 23rd October sees us crown this year’s New Comedian of the Year.

Nathan Caton

Eight of the hottest up and coming acts on the circuit – each hand selected by Little Smash himself – battle it out to crack up our panel of esteemed judges and our 200 strong audience. 

Be a part of history when the biggest rising stars on the circuit throw their best stuff at you followed by a comedic masterclass from one of the biggest names in the industry. 

Hosted by Southend’s own; Ross McGrane (Russell Kane Tour Support), this promises to open the festival with a bigger bang than controlled explosion on a chimney!


The Old Garrison, Comedy & Curry – February Acts

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Our regular night at The Old Garrison serves you up a sizzling set of comedians as well as a delicious curry.

On the bill for February is: –

Ross McGrane (MC)  

Luke Stephen  

Simon King  

Plus support.

So, make sure you mark Sunday 28th February in your diary and every last Sunday of the month, for The Old Garrison’s Comedy and Curry night.

Tickets: £10 (includes curry)

Contact: The Old Garrison

Live Comedy’s the Best Type of Comedy 

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When people say to me “I don’t really like comedy”, after asking if they would like to come to a comedy night, I feel like asking them what planet they originally came from. How can you not like the concept of comedy? It is an event where someone is actively trying to make you laugh and well, laughing is fun!

Ok, so you might not ‘get’ or have the same sense of humour as one of the comics on the bill. However, there is usually more than one act so something is bound to tickle your fancy.  

The UK comedy circuit, away from that shown on your television, is nurturing (or rather, terrifying into being good) the next Lee Evans or Mickey Flanagan of tomorrow. The only way they get good is by performing to an audience, there are no private rehearsals.  

To me live comedy is the best type of comedy, shared with an audience of like minded humour seekers. Laughter in large groups is contagious and as it grows it wraps you in its arms like a big warm (friendly) bear, squeezing the stresses of your day away.

(Be like this man.)

All you have to do to make it work is to turn up and listen, and when you feel that warm tingling feeling in your belly (and if it’s definitely not the curry), let it out! So many people sit at comedy nights with their laughter seeping out the edges of their awkward smiles. Unsure of their laughter, containing their joy. I say cackle, burst and howl with laughter! The more you do the better you will feel, it’s as simple as that. If it’s funny, laugh, don’t just smile. Smiles are lovely but the currency of comedy is laughter, so the more you spend the more the comedian will provide. Obviously if they really aren’t funny don’t laugh, that’s just patronising and we already have enough delusional celebrities as it is…

Laughter is a medicine that beats a multitude of prescriptions and you can get your dose at many local pubs, bars and theatres. So support live comedy, support local venues and support laughter! 

Hollie Robertson

Stand Up Comedy at YOUR Venue?

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Comedy is a great way to bring people together, impress existing customers and entice new ones. 

With prices to suit almost any budget, you could have the cream of the comedy circuit right on your doorstep!* 

Email now for a free, no obligation consultation:

*stage is preferred.

Christmas 2015 Highlights

Comedy Nights, Essex, Ross McGrane, Russell Kane, The Alex

We had a great Christmas 2015 at Little Smash Comedy

On Thursday 10th December our secret headliner show, which completely sold out in advance, delighted comedy fans when Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly The Perrier) winner, Russell Kane, stepped out. 

Performing previously unheard material for his up and coming show in 2016, we were all well and truly treated! 

Supported by Ross McGrane and Justin Panks, the night was filled with glorious laughter and was a massive success.  


Don’t miss Russell’s new show Right Man, Wrong Age.


The following Thursday we had an exclusive one of performance from internet sensation, Luisa  ‘WhatThighGapBitches’ Omieman. Performing her new show ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’.  Her fast-paced, feminist frenzy of comedy had the audience roaring and even joining her at the end for a dance! 


We are looking forward to a cracking 2016 with lots of new nights and exclusive events. Keep up to date with it all on the Little Smash Blog. 

Wishing you a hilarious 2016! 

See you soon! 

The Old Garrison – Comedy & Curry, January Acts

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Coming up at The Old Garrison, our regular last Sunday of every month night, we have the following acts for you to digest your delicious curry too. 


Ross McGrane (MC)  

Darren Walsh  

Johnny Kats  

With support from Alexander Oliver and David Carrington.

It’s on Sunday 31st Jan, so you would have been paid!  
Tickets: £10, includes curry. 

Contact: The Old Garrison

Garon Park Golf Comedy Night 

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On Friday 29th January Little Smash brings you a slice of comedy that’s bound to get you hook’d…
Come along to Garon Park Golf 

Complex in Southend, Essex, to laugh at a selection of the best on the UK comedy circuit.


Ross McGrane (MC)   

Ash Frith 


Dave Green

Paul Pirie  

Tickets: £10, which includes a curry. Available from clubhouse. Contact: 01702 601701

REOCCURRING: The Old Garrison – Comedy & Curry

Comedy Nights, Essex, Little Smash Comedy, Regular Nights, Reoccurring Nights, Ross McGrane, Sundays

Little Smash Comedy has teamed up with The Old Garrison, Shoeburyness, to bring you comedy AND curry, on the last Sunday of every month.   

  Expect top comedy from the best comedians on the U.K. circuit, as well as a delicious home-cooked curry!

Tickets: £10 

Contact: The Old Garrison

Little Smash Comedy Adds New Night!

Bobby Mair, Comedy Nights, Darren Walsh, Essex, Little Smash Comedy, Sundays, The Alex

Smash Towers adds a 2nd room! (Well, same room, just an extra night!)

We at Little Smash Comedy are chuffed to announce we’re launching a brand new monthly pro comedy club, on the last Sunday of each month from 22nd February, at our home upstairs at The Alex in Southend.

We’re excited to present BOBBY MAIR (8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Russell Howard’s Good News)!

Bobby Mair

Bobby Mair

“He will either be an international comedy star or the funniest homeless man ever.”Jimmy Carr 

He’ll be joined by the reigning Dave’s UK Pun Champion; Darren Walsh!

Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh

“One to watch….” – Timeout Magazine.

A very limited number of tickets for this event are being released for public sale – so get yours now!

Tickets £7. Students/999 services £5 – available here

“The Alex, 53 Alexandra St., Southend, Essex, SS1 1AU”

“Doors 7:30pm. Show 8:00pm”

“Food served till 9pm all orders must be taken before showtime. 18+ R.O.A.R.”

Follow us: –

Twitter: @littlesmash

Facebook: LittleSmashComedy